Thursday, June 26, 2008

PicLens for Firefox. Awesome. Period.

The latest version of PicLens for Firefox caught me somewhat by surprise. It's awesome. Period.

There have been previous rave reviews of PicLens but how many of us really take the time to try all the stuff out there, or read all the reviews?

A few weeks ago I reviewed Gina Trapani's Gmail2 for Firefox. The response was great and I'm just glad, despite it's widespread exposure on LifeHacker, we helped a few more of you find it.

So, as part of our 'Free stuff to play with the weekend' series, along with fresh Beta releases and 'Free Software That Works', we're adding 'Great Firefox Extensions'.

I was trying out more than a few extensions that are now compatible with Firefox 3 earlier tonight and was immediately captivated by PicLens. The new categories feature lets you easy 'surf' photos and videos in News, Tech, Business and more, and don't have to be on a PicLens-enabled website or blog anymore.

Moving your mouse (with the left button down) lets you surf thousands of current videos and photos with ease. It's fun, fast and easy to find the content you want, as well as international productions.

Tests were done in Firefox 3.0 using Windows Vista SP1 with this past Tuesday's Vista stability patch (Yes, I'm finally messing with Vista SP1 too ... but that's another post :)

You can download a copy here or from the new Firefox extension page.

Try it. Drop a note in our new Disqus - powered comments (or on FriendFeed).

You're gonna love it!