Saturday, June 21, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to Feedburner

Since I started this blog late last year, it has, for the most part, experienced steady organic growth. Without a few of you, who enjoy it and mentioned it, it would have taken much longer. There's a healthy balance between 'search' and 'other site' referrals as well.

There were a few plateaus along the way. That's always intriguing. A few 'one day wonders' (where the hits just went totally ballistic), and yes, there were a few times where things tapered off.

This blog is not monetized. I don't obsess over the analytics. I do try to deliver what I originally promised ... that "within a week or two, you can go to work, and look like you know everything about everything to your boss":).

The tools have always been here .... but I did change the 'delivery mechanisms'.

The blogroll (lower right) is still updated monthly with people that I and people I follow closely read. Obviously, it can't be all-inclusive.

New and interesting (some really fascinating) people, blogs and websites emerge every day.

The 'shared feed' is still updated numerous times each day. Headlines from around the web in one place. It's easy and informative.

Occasionally, 'we' break a story here. Going back to my brief journalism days, that always feels good. It's not the primary mission.

I blame this week's 'taper-off' in unique visitors entirely and squarely on Louis Gray. Not to mention the fact that this simple piece went through two edits because my eyes weren't working ?!)

In the very early stages, it was Louis that turned me on to Friendfeed. Unlike Twitter, I became totally 'involved'. If you're anything like me, and have a need to know 'everything about everything', don't go there. Go to a movie.

While I'm fully aware I've mentioned Friendfeed more than a few times here, I'm constantly finding new uses for it. From networking to discovery, even a little business :)

Friendfeed has become my 'first read' in the morning. I honestly don't see that changing any time soon.

I seriously hope you guys (and gals) are reading in between the lines here, because we're not just talking about a passing fad. We're talking about a success story, potentially Friendfeed's .... and / or yours.

Learn the curve. You won't regret it.

Am I going to change things here? Not for now. I'm having way too much fun ... while really delivering more here than ever before here.

It's simple. Subscribe to the direct feed and/or the shared feed.

Like what you read here? Why not join the conversation?

Finally, I hope obviously, I was having a little fun above. My sincerely congratulations to one of the people that continues to deliver cutting edge web stuff and info to all of us on their success story yesterday.


Edited: June 22 PM