Monday, June 23, 2008

Is Your Office Really Green?

It happens almost every week. I walk into an office somewhere and see 3 things:

1) The workstations and network are a serious mess.
2) Everything is still being printed.
3) There's no secure back-up (or restore) plan.

As computers assume 'people functions' more and more, small and large businesses need to adapt and understand what's going on.

One tech guy with all the 'keys' is a BAD IDEA.

So here's some stuff for managers and small business owners to think about:

1) Is your network getting slower and slower for no apparent reason?
2) Are you printing (and spending unnecessary time filing) for no reason?
3) Do you back-up OFTEN? ... and in the case of medical office, large business etc ... Is a copy of that back-up taken off-site and/or in a fireproof box?
4) Can one person take down your entire infrastructure? Is there anyone else that knows how to fix it?
5) Is your wireless network locked down?

While, to some, this all may sound obvious. Apparently it's not.

Finally, if you're going web-based with your data or back-up....
Have you read the terms and conditions?

Every time I think that everyone's getting it (particularly doctors' offices), I stumble across another nightmare waiting to happen.

Pass this one along to a friend. They may thank you for it.