Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your new web address could be CBS

CBS (NYSE: CBS) is on the move. The only question now is ... what's next ?

If it's up to Les Moonves, your new web address will be CBS.

The first announcement, which passed somewhat quietly yesterday, is that CBS has received regulatory approval for it's tender offer for CNET Networks (our previous coverage here).

Yesterday also saw the 'premier' of AOL Radio powered by CBS Radio.
(AOL's deal with XM satellite radio expired at the end of April)

It seems that CBS is taking some very solid, calculated shots at the web .. that just make sense.

The all-new AOL Radio powered by CBS is NICE. The layout is clean, easy, and provides access not only to the CBS Radio Network but many popular affiliates as well, and some very popular music stations.

Without any further speculation on my part (think,, full TV shows now on the new , etc., etc.) .... let's just say it's time to keep a close 'eye' on CBS.