Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Big SEO Bang is coming .... SEO Secrets and more

There are now thousands of SEO and Tech update blogs and websites out there. Some are good, some lie, some hope and pray, some are just trying to make a few bucks ... and some are simply GREAT.

For the past eleven years, we've spent about two hours each day watching and reading trends on the Internet, both for our own use, and our clients. During the past 5 years, our focus has been 100 % legitimate (white-hat) organic SEO and the latest in the the 2.0 revolution. With over 97 websites currently under management, we've watched the trends in Analytics, Metrics, REAL ROI, and top-10 nightmares and successes.

This blog (still in beta until September as we refine the 'must-read list', look and feel) is being created to share our best SEO tips as well as steer you to the TONS of new start-ups.

It's free. It'll be fun. You'll be smart (Probably smarter than your boss) and there's absolutely no catch. Just SEO tips and Tools, the latest in tech and blog stuff, no BS, great links, a quick read ... every day and absolutely free.

It's all out there anyway. Some SEO's 'hide' the best stuff. Our mission is to help the sites that belong in the top-10 get there (and get rid of the sites that offer nothing or very little).
To help you learn exactly what Google, Live, Yahoo and Ask want you to know, and more importantly, help make it unnecessary, over time, for legitimate sites to 'code for SEO' instead of delivering what they really want to.

As we ponder a name for this place ... line up a few friends ... and get the 'ultimate blogroll' in place, you may want to subscribe to our feed (Yes, it's free too), so you'll know when we launch ... (or bookmark us and check back in a week or two).

The little SEO company in the middle of nowhere, is going to deliver what you can't learn in a classroom. At least we're giving it our best shot.

Stay tuned

Charlie Anzman

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