Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting more from your Adsense Campaign

There are two simple tags that you can add you your adsense pages that have the potential of doubling, even tripling your income!

Most sites don't use them (despite the fact that their right there in Google's instructions).

We've tested it. It works.

Most SEO's will tell you that bots don't read comment tags. Google's Ad-bot (one of several) DOES.

The Adsense - specific tags are:
-- google_ad_section_start --
-- google_ad_section_end --

Although Adsense bots already do a pretty good job of making ads relative to your copy, the start and end tags above can help you target a higher CPM audience.

One example can be found here. You'll find, in the source, that the ads are going beyond the local audience and targeting the higher CPM honeymoon crowd.

The result may not be more clicks but it will be higher CPM clicks (that in return will pay you more).

If you already have a solid-return adsense page, try the tags if they apply to your topic.

It could take a week or two, but you'll be surpised (maybe shocked!) at the difference.

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