Monday, August 27, 2007

Your boss thinks you're a genius because ....

In one of our original posts, we previewed a few websites and blogs you should be reading (or subscribing to?) ..... if you have a need or desire to keep up the the ever-changing face of this incredibly dynamic Internet and 'who's winning'....

Whether you believed it or not, it's not just video, or higher bandwidth connections, but undoubtedly Web 2.0 in general is changing the Internet forever. As in the past, it will change entire industries and the way they do business!

Now many of the better sites (and blogs) are directly or indirectly cross-promoting each other.

The result is MEGA - HITS !
.... for them, and in some cases for YOU.

Take a peek at the new look of Zimbio.
TechCrunch and Mashable (add a dash of Newsgator) ... The beginnings of an information empire for Net geeks (and private equity investors ? ... ).

Finally, a site not mentioned in our original post belongs to CNET and although as not as dynamic as some of the others, deserves an 'honorable mention'. Check out Webware.

So, where's the promised bloglog, daily posts ... ???

Just the beginning crew. You too can sound like you know everything about everything.
Just for fun, to impress the boss, or maybe someday .... be your own boss?

Stay tuned.

Charlie Anzman

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