Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Re Firefox 3.1 Beta download (Correction!)

Updated October 14 PM :

Well, it appears we're getting a few conficting signals from the Mozilla gang today.

The Beta 1 download noted today at Lifehacker and Venturebeat are, in fact, downloadable as Firefox-branded Beta releases (as of this hour??!!).

Note: Your extensions and add-ons may not work as with any Firefox Beta.
The info below (posted earlier today) is relevant to the nightly builds (which are not necessarily stable and are released for testing by the Mozilla contributing community).

Posted earlier:

Some websites are reporting that Firefox Beta 1 has been released.

Just a quick post before a whole bunch of you hit the Mozilla website....

1) The Minefield test build of the future Firefox 3.1 did go from Beta 1 to Beta 2 today. 
2) It is still very much a Beta, not a Release Candidate, and should be downloaded by beta testers or those who wish to participate using non mission critical computers.
3) True - Some cool new stuff is coming !
4) Your extensions don't work yet.

Some brief facts for those who overdo the 'early adopter thing' (Like I do .....)

PS:  The Mozilla FTP nightly build download site can be found here.

Edited Oct 14 PM