Sunday, October 26, 2008

Windows 7 Logo Requirements .... already ?

Is Windows 7 coming sooner than we think?

Over the past 8 months or so, Microsoft has posted more 'preview', 'beta', release candidates and CTP products to the (open to all) Microsoft Download Center than they ever have in the past.

Typically 'betas' were delivered on TechNet or MSDN and/or run by much 'quieter' groups of beta testers.

The most recent addition caught my eye.  

The Windows 7 Software Logo Program for Client was posted late Friday.

Preview version 1.2.  A draft for computer and software vendors to begin getting an idea on what they need to do,  to be able to apply to display the Windows 7 logo on their product.

Perhaps this is being released in concert with the 'beta bits' of Windows 7 to be given out at PDC2008 (which begins Monday Oct 27)?.  Perhaps it's to highlight the latest partnering with Developer Express

Possibly ... to get the Windows 7 'buzz' going early?.

Or maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is pushing Windows 7 out faster than a lot of us think?

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that Windows 7 is going to be aimed squarely at enterprise users in a manner that will entice them (in a big way) to make the upgrade.  The buzz is here, and will get much bigger this week after the Professional Developers Conference.

The 58K Windows 7 Logo document is a quick download if you're curious, and can be found here.

Be sure and check out the PDC2008 link above during the week, as some announcements and keynotes will be being made live from the conference.  Could there be a surprise in the works ??

Update:  A little more insight on just how fast Windows 7 has been moving along can be found at Stephen Chapman's UX Evangelist blog here

Great Weekend all

Edit - PDC2008 start date 10/27 cba