Monday, October 27, 2008

PDC2008 coverage and who am I?

I returned home late this evening and briefly checked for announcements coming from Microsoft's Developers Conference, PDC2008, which kicked off today.

The anticipated cloud computing initiative now has a name. Microsoft's Azure is the big tech story of the day.

It was covered by in-depth by numerous long-time tech journalists and you can find some great articles and a variety of perspectives here.

The buzz? A little background ....

It's been a long road between myself and Microsoft. As with SEO and web marketing in recent years, it's been a 'quiet relationship'. Beginning with MS-DOS 1.0, several of my own small companies, participation in numerous MSFT programs, beta testing, strong support for the Freedom the Innovate initiative, and, as one of their first 'Authorized OEM System Builders'.

I've been a 'buddy', a 'pal', at times, even an outspoken advocate?

After reading Richard MacManus, Mary-Jo Foley and a few others, I headed over to the PDC2008 website to catch-up on the latest and watch Ray Ozzie's keynote.

I found this:

PDC2008 website SEO and Tech Daily
Update Oct 28 AM : Honestly, I was somewhat humbled to see this modest and relatively new Internet space featured on the PDC front page (even though the 'N' is missing from my last name :)

I'm assuming that the 'original piece' that I posted here last night (that was meant to be humorous) has nothing to do with the fact that the 'mention' is no longer there.  Hopefully, the web designer just needed the space for today's events.

Update: On a related note, RWW and Channel 10 columnist Sarah Perez has set up an excellent PDC2008 'room' on Friendfeed here.