Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fox goes business - Microsoft looking at Facebook

It'll be called the Fox Business Channel when the new cable / satellite channel debuts in just a few weeks. Murdoch's Fox Network will be adding yet another market segment to their portfolio with an all business channel scheduled for next month. The multi-media Fox market-mix of print, cable and Internet continues to grow.

Primary competitors in the US include CNBC (a GE company) and Bloomberg LLC, the global financial reporting company owned primarily by New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

CNBC had just completed a total website 'makeover' a few months ago.

Another significant report today claims Microsoft is looking at investing in social networking website Facebook. Facebook has been a rumored takeover target throughout it's continued evolution, and so far has resisted the temptation. There continues to be speculation that MSN (Microsoft). Yahoo or Google would at some point will vie for Facebook. The report drove Microsoft's stock on Monday.

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