Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting your photos noticed on Yahoo and AOL - A cool 'trick'?

While a lot of websites are out there offering you free space for your photos, some of you may want to have a reason for getting them noticed.

If you're a traveler and take decent pics, try uploading a few to Flickr and AOL's photo gallery.
then put the city (and state) or 'searchable region' in the tags.

After you've established 'a little' credibility ... Take a peek at what AOL and Yahoo are doing with their Travel sections. Just wander over to 'Travel' on either portal, type in the place you took the picture, and there's a pretty decent you may see one of your photos at the bottom of the page.

AOL is still in their infancy with this so you'll probably appear much faster. Flickr has upteen photos to choose from so they need to be current and/or really good stuff ...

Going somewhere? Sometimes it's better to lose those 'travel review sites' (except ours of course :) and just wander over to Flickr and see what your destination looks like. There's a real good chance it's there ...

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