Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lottery websites are HOT on the Net

A recent post in Compete's Blog showed that Lottery websites are fast becoming hot web destinations.

No doubt, with some states now running 2-3 lotteries per day, computers throughout the country are visiting the lottery sites much more often.

Sidenote: Here in Pennsylvania, the already-approved new video casinos are rapidly opening across the state, dramatically exceeding preliminary expectations. With 5 PA casinos currently in operation, the first 'resort casino' is set to open next month in the Poconos. Just across the river in New York, the green light has been given to expand the 'mini-casino' at Monticello....and, just this week, 3 casinos licenses have just been proposed in Massachussets.

No doubt almost every state in the nation will see casinos (and lotteries) of some sort in the not-to-distant future.

While gaming sites have had some legal difficulties on the Internet, the proliferation of land based casinos continues throughout the country.

The social and economic impact still remains to be seen.

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