Friday, September 28, 2007

Yahoo and Live Search both make search changes

You may have noticed some changes in both the Yahoo and Microsoft's Live search indexes in the past few days.

Last month, Yahoo made an addition to their 'siteexplorer' website submission page and literally invited dynamically produced websites to 'adjust' their pages within Yahoo's index. Early this week, posts to their public blogs indicated that another 'index shuffle' was underway and users will be seeing new generic results soon.

It's been about 5 days since MSN's Live Search went through a format change. Much more user-friendly to customize than in the past, the change was significant. Now comes word that they too are looking at the algorithm used by the MSN bots, and promising 'more relevent' results soon.

SEO's around the world, no doubt, will be watch this. Google still commands more than 50% of the user search space, with Yahoo second and MSN third.

Index shuffles in the past have brought a barrage of both kudos and complaints from marketing companies and SEO firms. As 'search' becomes more and more important to the overall worldwide advertising landscape, it'll be interesting to watch this latest search engine chapter play out over the next few weeks.

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