Monday, September 24, 2007

Google on bandwidth watch - Google Satellite?

It's becoming apparent that Google no longer wants to be dependent on anyone else's fibre or wireless networks.

First came their petition with the FCC which essentially changing some of the rules for the next US wireless spectrum offer.

Last week came news of a partnered satellite launch aimed at increasing the coverage of Google Earth ..... but one could assume the satellite has a 'few extra channels'?

This morning, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the search giant could be a potential partner in a new undersea transatlantic cable.

In most cases, we could assume this is a great PR department at work. In Google's case, it's all probably true.

With their eyes now focused on Social Networking as well, it appears that Google has a keen eye on every market segment that could effect their core business (and well beyond). Add to that the fact that the two owners joined Bill Gates last week in the top 5 richest Americans list put out by Forbes, and one could come to the conclusion that Google already has their hands in the pockets of almost every American already. In our eyes, that has always been the formula for making that list.

Staying there will be the interesting part .... to be continued.

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