Monday, March 31, 2008

Friendfeed sees new competition

Rumored for weeks, an ad-hoc group of A-list bloggers are ready to launch the first RSS de-aggregator later today.

Interviewed late this afternoon at his office in New York's Silicon Alley, the CEO and founder of was absolute and direct in his comments.

"This site is for people that are completely fed up with the whole world knowing everything about them. These websites are exposing their deepest secrets. For every Twitter proposal, there are two aggregator divorces (NomScore). We're here for the 'experts' that keep running, but can't keep up with the latest trends (and probably need new sneakers). Consider us the do-not-call list of the Internet. We defend you and win.".

For just $20 / month, the website claims it will protect your rights, the integrity of your feeds and shared feeds, and have them removed from the barrage of newly-popular so-called lifestreaming sites such as RSSMeMe, LinkRiver, Readburner, and yes, the latest hyper-growing craze, FriendFeed.

Note: Re-checking our sources this morning, there was absolutely nobody answering the phone at the startup's NY headquarters. (In fact, the domain name appears to be available?)...
So, why don't you go buy it and enjoy the buzz, and remember.....

Ugh ... April Fools (Whew).