Monday, March 17, 2008

Links and coverage from SES NY 2008 - Final Update

Here's a quick rundown of who's live blogging from Search Engine Strategies at the Hilton, New York City:

Lisa Barone can be found with the play-by-lay at the Bruce Clay Blog.

Barry Schwartz, Tamar Weinberg, and Jeff Quipp are keeping the bases covered at SEORoundtable.

Lee Odden and Jolina are providing easy-to-read coverage at the Online Marketing Blog.

Jeff Quipp is also posting with Marty Weintraub to the aimClear blog and, Li Evans and crew are also delivering SES NY to the web audience at Search Engine Gurus.

Barry Schwartz is also posting to Search Engine Land . An excellent and diverse list covering day three of SES NY can be found here.

Show 'host' Search Engine Strategies is now posting updates as well here.

The 'SEO and Tech Daily convention award for first photos' this time around goes back to Lee Odden with an early (nice!) photo set collection at Flickr :)

Mike MacDonald with video at WebProNews

YouTube Channel with coverage from SES NY now delivering. is delivering live and archived audio interviews from the annual search engine experts conference in NY.

More photos: Big Mouth Media on Flickr and 100+ photos from Li Evans.

Links corrected and many more added for day Three - Staff Final Update Mar 19 PM