Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google Docs - Over 1000 Templates (and climbing)

This past week, Google Docs opened the online template gallery to those wishing to contribute and share their own.

What I'm fairly certain that many may not realize is that there are already over 1000 templates in the Google Doc template gallery.

Many are outright impressive. With the 'global downturn', the large selection of resume templates might be an offering that a few job seekers may find interesting.

There are invoices, calendars, cover letters, project management schedules, and lots more.

You can access the collection (without a Google Doc acct) here.

Whether you currently have a free or paid Google Doc account, it's positively worth checking this collection now being highlighted also at the top of you Google Docs homepage (and, of course, searchable :).

As far as the upcoming Chrome OS .... unless it's unique to me, it appears that many of the Google Enterprise products are now, in fact, easier to reach (quickly) and appear to work faster with Chrome, although, as of this post, I didn't do any benchmarking.

Update: Sidenote for those who haven't yet needed it, Google Adwords is now compatible with Firefox 3.5.1.