Monday, July 27, 2009

Sobees - Twitter and Facebook in Silverlight 3

Switzerland-based deskNET SA has been testing various versions of their Sobees online social interface as well as their social client app bDule for several months now in Alpha.

While numerous others have similar products permeating the growing Twitter API client landscape, in this space most notably Tweetdeck and Seesmic, Sobees has garnered a devoted early adopter audience with their products, with reviews appearing on blogs again over the past few weeks.

Earlier today, Sobees went to version alpha.  The online product, which already embraces multiple Twitter accounts and url shorteners, has added optional automatic signature for Tweets, and Facebook integration is now onboard.

An updated real-time search, powered by OneRiot, Twitter, and Friendfeed is now fully functional (and somewhat fascinating).

You'll need Microsoft Silverlight 3 (available for both Windows and Mac) installed to try this latest version which can be found here.

Seesmic recently released (then updated) their online client to excellent reviews by many. 

Is Sobees a competitor?

Considering the company is still calling it an 'alpha', this recent addition to the online social client scene bears some watching.

More information can be found in today's Sobees blog post here.