Thursday, July 30, 2009

Microsoft and comScore? Introducing RF Planner

A short time ago, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Advertising and comScore are entering into a collaborative agreement "to bring new digital insights to traditional media planners".

In all honestly, I probably wouldn't have noticed this had it not been for a very subtle link in an e-mail from the Microsoft adCenter team.

A few moments later, it appeared as a full blown Microsoft press release which can be found here.

One day after the Yahoo-Microsoft search deal announcement, Microsoft announced it is developing what they are calling the 'Reach and Frequency Planner' or 'RF Planner'.

A new digital media buyers' tool which apparently will use comScore's data to measure ROI.

Could they be looking (directly) at Google's Ad Planner or ... Google's newer product Ad Manager ?

Updated links July 30 4 PM ET