Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where to find what on Google

In 2004, Google began rolling out 'a few' blogs.

For the most part, these blogs are written by the individual product dev teams but occasionally are cross-linked to the Official Google Blog when a significant announcement is made.

There were a slew of so-called cheat sheets put out by individuals to find them in 2006 beginning in the SEO community and later in the tech news and other communities.

Enter 2009 - Google now has A LOT of blogs.  They're chock full of information to the extent that at least one of them probably interests you.

How do you find them?

You don't have to 'search' far ....

The Official Google Blog Directory can be found here.

Note: Beyond the myriad of blogs and updates you'll find in the directory, it is not all-inclusive. There are actually a few beta blogs and others that don't appear in the listing but there should be enough to capture your interest if you haven't been there before.

Great week all