Friday, July 24, 2009

Remember the Blogroll?

Those of you that have been following this blog for some time may remember when it had a blogroll that I used to rotate about once a month.

Why rotate?

There was an ever-increasing amount of new authors that were bringing interesting and cutting-edge technologies to the SEO and Internet landscape.

I discontinued the blogroll some months ago as it became apparent that it would take a full page to list all the websites and blogs I read and wanted to share.

So what's with the new list at the lower right??

As part of the makeover of Google Reader, you can now create groups of rss feeds and share them.

Somewhat similar to sharing individual posts (that will continue), this feature allows you to group feeds, share them via Google Reader or present them with a gadgets (as I've done, for now, to see if you guys like it).

In other words. Want to subscribe to 10 or 15 feeds that I do?

It's as easy as hitting the subscribe button right there on the widget.

The 'sharing' evolution (and well as the Google ecosystem) continues.

Hope you like it, and look for (many) more links in the months to come.

Warning ... this blog will always be on it :)

Great weekend all ....

..... and thanks for all the notes and your support.

Update: I have discontinued the module at right mostly due to the fact that you never know what someone will publish .... You can still follow (or subscribe to) my shared Google Reader feed at the right. (Was a good experiment ... needs some work :)