Saturday, March 1, 2008

Adobe Air on desktop fast track

More free stuff to play with over the weekend!

Adobe's AIR desktop development platform is being embraced by a lot of companies, in a very fast way. Some cool AIR applications are being developed by individuals and small companies as well. (The SDK is free).

In 'our' space, I suppose Pownce threw a few of us the first AIR wake-up call. Pownce's app is handy, but I actually like the online version better.

My favorite (so far) is the AIR Google Analytics client which is faster, and, as good or better than the on-line client, in many ways. If you use Google Analytics, try it .... you'll like it.

Note: You must be using the latest release of Adobe AIR to use most of the current desktop applications. Many of them will remind you to install it automatically.

AOL, EBay, Finetune, NASDAQ, Nickelodeon are just some of the names that have already embraced the latest AIR release with refined and rich desktop applications. They can be found at Adobe's website. The AIR gallery is where you can find lots more, many written by individuals during the beta release of AIR. Yahoo has also announced plans to release an AIR app soon.

Download a few and see what you think. As usual, in some cases, watch the 'Beta' stuff and check the system requirements.

Have a GREAT weekend all. We've got snow (I may be skiing :)