Monday, March 24, 2008

Political MeMe ? TechMeMe's sister site is hoppin' !

It may be old news to some but it's certainly worth mentioning to those that aren't aware of it or have just forgotten.

TechMeMe, which I'm sure many of our readers are well aware of, has a few sister sites, one of which has literally rocketed in the past two weeks.

There's the celebrity news aggregator WeSmirch, there's one for baseball fans BallBug, any yes, the Political Meme,

With the political campaigns pouring over (in a big way) at Twitter and other places, I thought a little reminder was a good idea.


If there's one thing Gabe Rivera's projects do really well, it's to seek out blogs that many people aren't aware of.

From that persprective, Gabe and his bots are probably a little busy right now :)

staff edit 8:49 PM EST March 24 (Charlie is getting new glasses - Whew!)