Friday, March 7, 2008

Rich Media Wars are next - Legacy Migration is here

Legacy Migration is here. Making that old stale website looks great!

New and updated web design platforms from Microsoft (Silverlight) and Adobe (Flash) and others are now adding creative and exciting effects to websites.

We've been testing beta versions of some our websites using a variety of tools, and also, keeping a close eye on the adaptation of new web-connected desktop applications (Adobe Flex / AIR and others).

SEO? Much of this is not new. Beyond anything else, you want your websites to deliver relevent and current content, while being easy to navigate. You want to capture your audience and keep them.

You want your website to be sticky, deliver RSS, be easy to bookmark on the various bookmarking websites, and sell your product or service.

Don't let the competition scare you OR rush you to a rich media solution.

What you don't want, is for the 'bots' not to be able to read your content. That can take some fine tuning but definitely can be accomplished, and new tools are being introduced every day to make it easier. This is why your SEM company MUST stay on the leading edge, every day.

Google's Webmaster Central has added new 'gadget' that you can add to iGoogle. missing URL's, short descriptions, etc. The feedback is all there. Just log on. (Then, go fix it!).

A great deal of our research in the past 6 weeks has been in 'legacy migration' while maintaining SEO compatibility. Hopefully, we'll unleash those websites soon. and be able to point to what we did, for your reference.

Quick trip on tap - We'll keep the shared feed up to date to the best of our ability.

The best stuff on this blog is in the months ahead.

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Great weekend all

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