Monday, March 10, 2008

Attenalert Brand Monitoring launches - Reputation Management goes mainstream

You may not realize it, but you and your company are now everywhere on the Internet.

It may be good, but it also could be bad. Customers (and the media) now have more places than ever to find out about you and your company and monitor developments than ever before.

A new breed of feed aggregators (Linkriver, Friendfeed, RSSmeme, etc.) are now adding features that are spreading comments and quotes across a whole new group of readers.

Twitter feed aggregators and tools are simply everywhere.

Yahoo's MyBlogLog launched live feed profiles recently, and just this past weekend, BlogCatalog launched a profile 'newsfeed' widget.

People are also sharing more each day with Google Reader and Facebook.

Enter 'Reputation Management' and 'Brand Monitoring', growing spaces in the Search Engine Management field.

This is more important than ever for start-ups and emerging companies.

A week ago, Andy Beal's Trackur, an online Reputation Management tool, went live.

This morning, another online brand monitoring tool for small and medium size businesses, Attenalert, went online.

AttenAlert was written by David Mytton, the php lead developer at UK-based

A modest guy, David described the service as "nothing amazing or revolutionary but is designed just to do a single job, well". "It is very similar to the Google Alerts service except that is has a variety of extra features including RSS feeds and trend statistics".