Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apple unleashes Safari 3.2 for Windows

In probably one of the quietest launches from Apple in a long time, the company released an upgrade to the popular Safari Browser for Windows, Version 3.2, a short time ago.

While the documentation on Apple's website (as of this post) is still reflecting information relating to the previous version (3.1.2), we were able to download the newer version from the Apple website Sunday with no problem, and a 'quick spin' had it running nicely on our 'test box' (running Windows XP3).

More as we explore a little 'under the hood'.

For now, you can grab a copy of Apple's latest browser for Windows here.

Update 1:  Some release notes for Safari 3.2 can now be found here.

Update 2: The updates to Safari are essentially 'security' related.  Using it most of the day under Windows, it was still the speed demon (and a great take on what your blog or website looks like on a MAC) that it's been since version 3.1.