Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Microsoft Security Updates and Visual Studio 2010 ?!

 "Update Tuesday" from Microsoft earlier today saw a wide variety of security (and other updates) for Windows (most versions), Microsoft Office (2000, 2003 and 2007), and more.

Automatic updates started rolling out mid-day but if you have your network or desktop set to manually update, these are significant updates (including continued support of XP).

Most can also be found (along with a complete .iso image) at the Microsoft Download Center.

In other Microsoft news ... .NET 4.0 and Windows 7 continue with .... Visual Studio 2010 !

looking ahead (now)

In concert with Tech Ed Barcelona, a CTP (Community Technology Preview) has been launched for Visual Studio 2010 along with a new website. (Note: CTP's are pre-release software and shouldn't be installed on a mission-critical computer).

Visual Studio 2010 is set to succeed Visual Studio 2008.

The CTP can be downloaded here.

edited  9:15 PM ET