Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hulu with a dash of CBS?

Viewers of the increasing popular video site Hulu, the joint venture of Fox and NBC are becoming fanatical, and with good reason.

As mentioned in our piece earlier this week, Hulu is, well, just GREAT.  Super-quick navigation if you missed that coveted episode of 24,  ... or House. 

What about NCIS?

Enter the now out-of-beta which made tech headlines earlier this week.
No log-on necessary. Excellent streaming. CBS programming and LOTS of Hulu!

One stop TV over IP?

Why would the major US TV networks and others give away full length episodes?  (... and even let you embed them?).

It's not just about fan attraction or loyalty.

They found something that makes money.

You may remember them.

They're called .....

..... commercials.

Check out the new public Sling beta here.