Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sony recalls another 100,000 laptop batteries

Sony announced a voluntary recall late last week of 100,000 2.15 Ah lithium ion batteries used in laptops produced by H-P, Dell and Toshiba.

The battery modules could pose a burn and/or fire risk.

These 'unique' batteries are not the same units as those involved in the somewhat memorable (and much larger) recall initiated by Sony in 2006.

35,000 of the batteries were sold in the US with an additional 65,000 worldwide.

The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission has posted an excellent page with photos of the three manufacturers batteries, model numbers and well as contact information, which is now online and can be accessed here.

Update 1: Some news reports are indicating that the Sony batteries were also used in Acer and Lenovo products as well.