Thursday, July 29, 2010

Facebook Questions - The Next Logical Step

Facebook unleashed Facebook Questions to all users late yesterday. 

In testing for some time, the new feature is now appearing at the top of all if not most  news feed pages.

If you asked the question "What does the fastest growing phenomenon on the Internet do next?", this very well may have been the answer.

Have a question? ... Ask your 'friends' and a few hundred million other people.  All it'll take is one good question and the activity on the network could increase dramatically .... and so will the buzz ... again.

I've been a fan of Quora since the launch.  Started by ex-Facebook execs, the relatively new start-up is very similar to this concept and has been gaining traction  (I get a few Quora followers each day).

Facebook employees claim their implementation is different.

Regardless, after all the privacy criticism this past year, this is one of the smartest moves the company could have made ..... to increase activity in people's streams and make the network that much more 'sticky'.

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