Friday, July 2, 2010

Want To Know More About Google? There's A Sitemap for That

Every so often, it occurs to me that 'basics' of search and Google are missed not only by newcomers but also by the press ... and even a few 'experts'.

It also still boggles my mind (I guess I'm jaded?) when I run into someone that has no idea what SEO is, or if they do, they've never visited Webmaster Central.

The bigger picture.

Google has come a long way, especially in the last few years .... and in lots of different ways.  Too many ways to even think of listing in this post.

While the title of this brief piece might have SEO - saavy people thinking that I'm referring to XML sitemaps (something that every website should have), I'm not.

Google has a good 'old-fashioned' sitemap and the discovery there can be fascinating.

It's not all-encompassing but leads down a variety of roads and is updated on a regular basis.

Want to know how many (and what kind of) Twitter accounts Google has?  It's there.

Looking for a list of Google Blogs or have a specific question about something?

How about an RSS feed of press releases ?

Sitemaps go all the way way back to the days of HTML 1.  While they play a role in SEO, I'd doubt Google's too worried about that.

In classic Google 'simple style', the Google Main Sitemap can be found here.

A warning for marketers, the press, and many others .....

..... Visiting this page may take you on a journey that could last all day :)

Simplicity is bliss.

Have Fun,