Saturday, July 10, 2010

Posterous Takes a Few Bold Shots at Google and Microsoft

Posterous wants your blog.

In recent weeks, Posterous, the blogging platform that bills itself as 'the dead simple place to post everything' has been making blog posts targeting yes, Google and Microsoft ... as well as Squarespace, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Ning, Active Rain, Xanga, Tumblr and others.

The Angel / VC - funded platform apparently wants you to switch from whatever you're currently using to blog to Posterous and they're willing the make some pretty bold statements to get you to do it.

The past two weeks saw a flurry of posts to the Posterous blog. This post targets Google's Blogger. The most recent post takes aim at Microsoft's Windows Live Spaces.

The titles of all the posts are enticing (at the very least) and while there's no doubt that Posterous is interesting, useful and has already captured the imagination of numerous prominent bloggers, it seems like there are some ego problems goin' on here .... and/or they're feeling a little pressure from their financiers.

There were numerous quotes, both on the blog and elsewhere like "Posterous launches new tools to switch from dying platforms".  That new tool, which continues to add more platforms, is here.

In reality, Posterous is pretty neat and reliable but calling WordPress or Blogger "dying platforms' is a reach.

Regretfully, comments are currently turned off here as I update the template in my spare time (or this could have been fun :) but., as always, this post will automatically tweet, go to Google Reader, Friendfeed, Google Buzz and numerous other places if you want to chime in.

Is it me ... or are these guys getting a little too aggressive?