Saturday, July 3, 2010

Write Your Blog Post Now. There Are No Readers .... Huh?

Over the past two years, the proliferation of new blogs, websites and even entire platforms has continued to grow exponentially on the web.

It's outright mind-boggling.

Blogs that used to see a few hundred comments now just see a sprinkle.  For many readers, the growth of the web has meant 'switching channels' and/or looking for new ones.

It's getting harder to keep your site 'sticky' and keep that return visitor number up.

For some sites, it's meant a decline in RSS subscribers and / or page views.  For those that make a serious business out of it, they're hanging in there through a combination of SEO, PPC and Social Network Marketing.  Some are even using not-so-fair tricks (like employing small armies of DIGGers or Facebook LIKEers).

One big factor in the lack of 'readers' is that here in the US it's summer.  While those still fighting the economy might be working one (or two?) jobs, others are taking time off to simply enjoy the weather.

Also just here in the US, it's a holiday weekend.

Add to all of that the massive downsizing of 'traditional' media ....and weekends typically becoming 'slow news days' despite the fact that the news goes on.

Readers are not only not reading but writers aren't writing.

Welcome to Prime Time.

Looking to get noticed?  Have a product you want to test in the marketplace?  A big (to you) announcement?

If you know just a little about marketing your blog or website, your opportunity is now.  Right now.
Not only are aggregators hungry for content but (in case you haven't noticed? :), there's a relatively new game in town.

Yes, it's mobile.  The now huge shift means that book or newspaper that many used to take on vacation may very well be at home BUT they may tune in on their smartphone or iPad?

There aren't a lot of summer holidays.  Seize the opportunity.  There's a good chance you'll get a pleasant surprise.

Sidenote: The of the announcement of the Zemanta Assistant for Blogger this past week seemed pretty cool.

It is.

This what what came up while I was writing this piece:

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