Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Ford Motor Company Went Viral Two Weeks In a Row

The web marketing team at Ford Motor Company just did it again and it appears that the premier of the new 2011 Ford Explorer will be trending on Google (and Twitter) for another 8 hours or more.

Last week's viral news story was pretty much a given.

When a company reports incredible earnings in the midst of a recession, the story is going to be picked up by everyone, but the web marketing team had a secret up their sleeves.

Early this morning, Ford started to premier the 2011 Ford Explorer "for the first time" .... on Facebook.

Sounds like no big deal right?


Crossing two huge web demographics .... Auto and Tech ..... the story is being picked up by blogs, news sites, auto enthusiast forums and others and is trending in the top-10 ... 8 hours later.

This simple stroke of brilliance gets even better.

The Ford Explorer preview on Facebook (which you don't have to be signed in to see) is being unraveled along a time line throughout the day,  Subtle stuff that's working.

The tech and auto press are all over this which means that the mainstream press will be right behind (count on it).

It's called FREE ADVERTISING and Ford just saved a bundle so if you buy one of these puppies ... make sure they throw in the floor mats?! ... :)

Maybe this guy can explain it better than I can ....

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