Friday, July 16, 2010

Yet Another Twitter Earthquake - Wrong Coast?

As people began waking up for work on the east coast of the US Friday, those that monitor trends on Twitter noticed what is becoming a fairly common term .... "Earthquake!"

For whatever the reason, people seem to rush to Twitter whenever (and more recently wherever) an earthquake strikes to announce 'they felt it'.

The USGS has even embraced the service.

While it used to be almost a certainty that the earthquake was occurring in Silicon Valley when it hit the 'Twitter wire', those days are long gone as the micro-blogging platform has made itself known across the globe.

A short time ago the familiar EARTHQUAKE lit up on Twitter once again.  This time it was a small yet potent (for the area) 3.6 quake about 20 miles from Washington DC centered in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

This is what Twitscoop looked like at 5:45 ET: