Sunday, July 4, 2010

Google Celebrates The Fourth With Goldberg Animation

Those hitting the Google Main Page this morning, at least here in the US, are being treated to yet another animation. This one, celebrating the Fourth of July .... and the birthday of inventor and cartoonist Rube Goldberg.

The last time Google put a 'working' Doodle on the front page, it captured an entire generation (and trended on Twitter worldwide for days).  For those that didn't see it, it was Pac-Man (and can still be played here!)

Goldberg was best known for his approach to unique gizmos that automated 'things' through a serious of unexpected steps.  His style was so radical and thought-provoking that his name literally became part of the American vernacular.  "Wow, that's a real Rube Goldberg set-up" , etc.

In this Google Doodle, tapping the arrow sets of a 'Goldberg-like' chain reaction that results in .... well you try it :)