Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Generations X, Y and Internet Reality

In the past few weeks, more than a few blogs have been commenting on the effects of various generations on the state (and the future) of the Internet.

Let's assume (.... there's been about 12 definitions that I can count so far) that Generation X is the so-called baby-boom generation and Generation Y are their children who are now in college or entering the workforce.

Let's take it one step further and assume that a majority of these people are capitalists (IE: They like to make money?).

The key to all of this is extremely simple. Generation X and Y are the two largest spending audiences. Why? There's more of them than any other demographic group. Period.

Yes, the people that can 'recover the economy' if they want to (and/or have the resources). They are your friends if you're trying to monetize ANYTHING.

There are LOTS of the Generation X gang still out there, and without them, there may have never been an Internet as we know it.

Many are still running most of the companies that Generation Y works for?!

They started it all, and most still have a passion for the technology, although many have 'retired' to the venture capital space, they're still very much right here. They may just be holding the funds that Generation Y needs?

So who do you look to for your profit?


The U.S. market of Generation X and Y's are sitting on YOUR next sale (or page view). Beyond that, it's strictly a few distinct and rapidly-growing international markets.

Food for thought?

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