Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flock announces significant financing

One of the most enjoyable things about writing about software, web apps, testing betas, etc is you get to see a little of what comes out of it.

It's pretty simple. When you show a new or emerging app to a few people and they like it, there's a decent chance it's going somewhere.

Along with the various versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, regular updates leading up to the recently released Firefox 3.0 RC1, we have been closely watching Flock in the browser space, as well as Apple's Safari for Windows.

Earlier today, Flock announced a significant venture capital infusion.

This group has put together an integrated browser that makes social networking easier (and fun!), and the recent release of 1.2b (Beta) adds even more services. Unique features like the people bar add a new kind of visibility while your spending time on your favorite conversational site or so-called Social Network.

As of now, no Friendfeed ... yet (bummer).

I suppose tomorrow we'll learn whether or not Twitter really got the big bucks too :)

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