Wednesday, May 7, 2008 heavily indexing Friendfeed

Every day, I do a little research on what the search engines are up to. It's important because it really does change that often. My own 'little tests', then compared to what others are saying.

Yesterday, Microsoft's introduced their new 'vanilla' look.

Going over to check it out this morning, I did something that I do about once a month or so. (Come on ... tell me you don't do it :).
Yep .... I searched my own name.

The first two entries weren't about my company, me, or even a Microsoft-hosted beta test on Anzman Consulting. In post position one AND two were links to Friendfeed?!

Relevant, I guess. Robert Scoble , Louis Gray (and others) have created an incredible buzz about Friendfeed in the past few weeks and, we know, it's all about the buzz.

I guess it's working.

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