Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TechMeMe adds search !

One of the most popular tech news aggregators, a literal default for many seeking breaking news in the tech industry, TechMeMe announced a short time ago that they have added a 'search' feature.

Crediting Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land for mentioning it (some time ago :), founder Gabe Rivera made the announcement on the TechMeMe site itself.

TechMeMe has been good to this blog. Numerous mentions under TechMeMe discussions as well as several lead headlines drove significant traffic and lent credibility to what we do here.

While many of us are running around trying to figure out what the next big thing is, TechMeMe continues to hold it's place as many people's 'technology home plate', for a variety of reasons, as Gabe (and company) continually tune the memeorandum bot and the results that appear.

TechMeMe is part of a family of aggregators which include memeorandum.com (politics), ballbug.com (baseball) and wesmirch.com (celebrity news and gossip).

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