Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Apple Market Cap Closes In On Microsoft!

Apple is on a run.

Not only with the introduction (and mania) of the iPad, but it's stock is going wild.

A quick trip to Google Finance this morning delivered this picture (click to enlarge):

According to Wall Street, as of mid-day today, Apple's market cap was, by any measure, within shooting distance of Microsoft.  Shades of the 1980's ?

Market Cap is supposed to be a measure of a company's worth .... as determined by the markets.

Then again ... many of us remember when AOL got so huge they were able to acquire Time-Warner (possibly one of the worst corporate mergers in history).

Regardless, it is a fascinating chart.

Even if you don't trade, taking a look at P/E (price vs earnings), company debt, and particularly net profit of all of these companies.

An interesting and still unfolding story.

IBM's market cap exceeds Google today.  Adobe is trading at 51 times earnings (Buyout anyone??). 

Only two of the tech leaders show zero debt .... Google and Apple.

I know who I'm betting on towards the FOURTH quarter.  I'm (very) curious who you are.

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The hyper-change in Tech continues!  Just amazing stuff.