Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Turns Up the Volume on Google Wave (Updated)

When Google Wave was first introduced, the clammering (begging?) for an 'invite' was at a fever pitch for well over a week.

It was a classic Google Preview launch with all the buzz and mystery that surrounded it but it seemed like anyone and everyone that had anything to do with tech wanted 'in'.

I made a few posts to Friendfeed and Twitter offering invites and the list just kept growing as Google kept increasing my invites.  One interesting note was a request from an ex-Googler (I guess he wasn't invited to the 'party' ?! :).

This morning, the Official Google Enterprise Blog announced that Wave is now open to everyone, essentially adding a collaboration tool to Google Apps (while continuing to round out the Google interconnected ecosystem).

Want to try Wave?  All you need is a Google Apps Account. You can log in here.

The video posted this morning by Wave team is embedded below.

Update (Correction) - May 19,2010 12:30 PM ET As posted a short time ago on the Google Wave blog, it appears that Wave is now available to anyone with a Google log-in (This could get interesting).  Have one?
Try logging in to Wave here ... and here's another video from that post:

Update 2 - 1 PM ET - Google's Matt Cutts has embedded a live wave from Google I/O (with a link to Gina Trapani literally liveblogging the event, Danny Sullivan and others). Google's Adam Lasnik has posted some I/O wave links to Google Buzz as well.