Monday, May 24, 2010

Zuckerberg Responds to Facebook Critics in WP Monday

Monday's Washington Post (released a little early online) has a column written by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressing the ongoing privacy concerns that have deluged the online social network in waves over the past few months.

High profile bloggers have literally closed their accounts and debates have raged across the technology blogs over Facebook's recent changes and 'control over your own information'.

Many, close to both new and old Facebook employees, have defended the company saying that some of the people working there wouldn't allow the company to keep heading in the direction that many have perceived it was.

The piece came just hours after Zuckerberg gave permission to blogger Robert Scoble to reproduce an e-mail saying essentially the same thing in different words.

Apparently, Facebook is now listening (if they haven't been all along).

What will change? How fast?

We'll see.