Thursday, May 6, 2010

Google Wave Updates Extension Interface

Earlier today, the big news from Mountainview was a new look for several of the most-visited Google pages including the main search page, the news page, and more.

A few minutes ago, Google announced an enhancement to Google Wave making extensions more visible, searchable, and easier to use.

Google made a big splash with Wave (ugh ...) with their now infamous 'invite only' mysterious introduction promo, but many have since abandoned the service (while others have continued to participate and/or watch it's progress).

The problem?  As with many other web-based offerings, and despite a decent user interface, it wasn't out-of-the-box simple to embrace.

..... despite the fact that it offered a variety of very, very useful features (Can anyone say Friendfeed?).

You had to take the time to 'learn' the service and discover it's intricacies.  In today's times, that could spell sudden death for a start-up service, Google-branded or not.

A few moments ago, the Wave team announced that they are making it easier to discover and use the many extensions for Wave that have been developed both internally and by developers.

It's also a graphical one-step process to start a new wave:

Have an idea for an extension?  You can submit it here.

More information on the latest Google Wave improvements can be found in the post by David Byttow of the Google Wave Team here.