Monday, June 21, 2010

Are You Using the New or Old Google Docs?

Google recently upgraded Google Docs with a variety of new features including new keyboard shortcuts, offline access, HTML editing, and CSS editing.

I use Google Docs fairly often. The template gallery is nothing less than incredible (and money-saving in many ways). I also maintain at least 5 legacy accounts that I intend on using more often later this year.

This morning, I opened a doc from one of those accounts.  Nothing looked new?

According to the Google Docs info page, the new version should be the default:

In my case, it was the opposite. The new version was not activated ... but easily taken care of.

So far I haven't found any downside to the newer version but you might want to check and see which one you're using. The HTML editing and shortcuts, at least for me, are a win.

PS: You might also want to check out the recently released Collaborative Drawing Editor while you're there as well as the new Google Docs sharing features announced this past Friday.