Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OK - Twitter Marketing Just Worked on Me ?!

Sometimes I suppose we just get jaded.  I can't count how many times something was retweeted or someone new followed me over the years on Twitter and I didn't bother or have time to completely check out who (or what) it was.

Going through a pile of e-mail tonight, I noticed this:

My initial reaction was 'Jinni' ?  Oh good, another person marketing something I'm really not interested in.  Spammer??  I took notice of the followers and tweets and decided to follow the trail.

In these days of information overload, it's literally impossible for any of us to read every article, follow every start-up or discover every cool website. 

This time, it was Twitter that delivered the juice.

Apparently 'Jinni' has already been covered numerous times by a variety of tech publications.  For one reason or other, I missed them all.

Re-tweeting may not be the 'only' Twitter currency in town.  Just following someone 'could' buy you a little unsolicited press?!

I just spent about fifteen minutes with Jinni (Dot Com).  If you're a movie or TV buff ... whether or not you're downloading from iTunes. NetFlix, Amazon or watching Hulu (or following Google TV developments),  you have to check this out.

This intuitive search engine is absolutely amazing (When was the last time I said that?!).

Jinni.com can be found here ....

..... plan to hang out for a while :)