Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook Finally Puts It In Your Face

I've written (more times than I care to think about?) that this whole Facebook privacy saga wasn't being followed by too many people.

Despite the fact that the last chapter made it (briefly) to the mainstream media, it was pretty much just us (those that follow tech and/or marketing and media stuff) that were paying attention.

The 'Leave Facebook Day' was a huge FAIL and I think it's safe to say most of 'us' predicted that as well.

My big issue with the whole deal, written here and elsewhere, was that Facebook themselves had the vehicle to bring the latest privacy changes to their users.

I was just helping someone change their privacy settings.  It appears that Facebook just woke up?? (Yeah?)

At the top of the page, I found this:

The 'learn more' link actually goes to a VERY straightforward and simple page on how to reset the new Facebook privacy changes.  Better yet, the page is public.

Long overdue.