Friday, June 4, 2010

Google Now Comes In Your Favorite Flavors !

Over the past few months, some subtle changes have been main to the main Google Search page, most notably a flattening of the Google logo and font size changes.

The page remained plain, simple and easy-to-use.

Assuming you're not using a personalized version (ala Firefox, private branded portals, or numerous Linux builds), you're greeted with a simple logo and search bar.  Google's 'universal search' fades in at the top.

When Microsoft launched their re-vamped search engine Bing, one of the default features was a new photo each day in the background.  The photos were later ported as downloadable collections for use as background slideshows in Windows 7.

Google remained plain old vanilla (unless you customized with iGoogle) ... until this past week.

Yes you can now 'skin' your Google ... or .. ugh .... put a high resolution photo in the background of the Google home page.

Of course, you need to create a Google account if you don't already have one ... and log-in.  (For you non-techies, a Google account is free.  Perhaps obviously, Gmail accounts are Google accounts and will work fine).

You can pick your pic for here.

Instructions for adding your own photos, editors picks and more can be found here.

Update:  The original launch announcement was made by Google VP Marissa Mayer on the Official Google Blog on Wednesday with a request to tweet a clip of yours with the hashtag #myGooglepage ...

(I'm thinking I may Buzz mine :)