Sunday, June 27, 2010

Firefox 3.6.6 Unleashed - Tweaks Crash Protection

It's been less than a week since Mozilla announced the latest stable version of Firefox (Version 3.6.4).

Late yesterday, they did it again .... jumping the latest build to version 3.6.6.

This week's Firefox was primarily introduced to stop the browser from occasionally crashing (particularly of Mac - based systems) by providing crash protection from some plug-ins.

Today's upgrade .... available here ... tweaks that feature allowing a bit more time for the plug in to load before disabling it.

The Firefox web browser has long been a favorite among the blogging and tech crowd because of the availability of thousands of extensions (and plug-ins).  This latest release addresses concerns by some that have experienced ongoing crashing with specific plug-ins ..... and works with Windows, OS X and Linux.

Mozilla has also been updating their Firefox Developer Preview (currently 3.7 build 5) which is not only fast, but embraces the Google promoted Web-M video standard.  It's an open early build which can be found here.